Monday, 1 March 2010

World Peace Day, let's make a difference!

The trouble with working with someone you like and get on very well with, is that you can often go off track in ‘staff meetings’…but of course, the beauty of going off track, as any skier will tell you, is…the best snow is often off piste!
We’re incredibly excited about our most recent off piste idea and hope you will be too. The Identity Project is organsing an event for WORLD PEACE DAY 21st September.

Inspired by the wonderful man that is Jeremey Gilley, founder of ‘Peace One Day’. The Identity Project is hosting an event to make our contribution to World Peace Day.

And here’s the REALLY fun part…our event activity is currently undecided…So post your ideas below and we’ll pick our favourite!
Please include your name, age and location so we can credit your idea when we choose!

Our event will be free to all guests with donations welcome…all proceeds made will go to Peace One Day.

Introduction to Peace One Day
WOW…gets us everytime!

Well! While you’re dusting your thinking caps off…our event idea is:
SILENT DISCO…thoughts?

Lots of Love
Fran and Jasmine xx

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