Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Our flag is flying!!

We did it! We had out first ever workshop! Heart & Mind arrived and it did not disappoint. We were joined by a wonderful group of women who made the day what it was. Heart & Mind did everything it said on the tin…and more!!!

For us, it was a landmark. We officially placed The Identity Project flag in the ground! It was a day of rich learning, not just for our guests but for us, as coaches, mentors and individuals. What a transformation it has been, from a dream to a reality in a matter of months. Jasmine and myself felt so proud and fulfilled by the day. Our guests committed to the day whole-heartedly…and we really couldn’t have asked for a lovelier group of women for our first ever workshop. We feel absolutely blessed to be living our dream and being able to help women from all walks of life. And we are so grateful to be on the path we are on.

The day was a huge success, however it wasn’t without a few stresses at the start. What with the cleaning not being finished, having the wrong lead for the computer and getting Tash to RUN to The Apple Store and get us the right one! To the lighting not being strong enough…to the sound going a little bit wobbly! BUT despite the set up glitches, the day ended up being nothing but wonderful! Everybody left with smiles on their faces and thanking us for the knowledge we’d passed on. The day received glorious feedback and we couldn’t have been happier. Which leads us onto our moral of today’s blog. A revelation that I ‘knew’ to be true but hadn’t had the chance of experiencing or feeling, up until that point…

…Perfection is a highly over-rated expectation! One that seems to be desired by so many…and yet, it is not necessary in any shape or form. For our greatest learnings come from the parts of our lives that aren’t perfect!

Now, Jasmine and I could have stressed out about the hiccups that presented themselves to us throughout the day. We could have focused on them, and decided that the day would not be a success due to it not being ‘perfect’. But in truth, it’s the imperfections in life that give us the perfections. The day was just perfect to us because of the results our guests achieved throughout the day…and that was our intention in the first place ☺

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone that attended our first ever workshop. But we’d also like to leave you with this thought. If you strive for perfection, you might end up missing the very things that could give you the kind of perfection that will truly fulfil you. And if you’re striving for perfection, who are you striving for perfection for? You are perfect just as you are. Changes and improvements are healthy goals to work towards…but true perfection comes from within your uniqueness, remember that and you will be perfect in your own way.

Lots of Love

Fran and Jasmine xx