Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The joys of being flexible...

Sometimes our greatest lessons in life come from unexpected places! As we get closer to our first free workshop we are constantly experiencing and learning new things, pushing our comfort zones and broadening out horizons. In fact just the other day we learnt about the joys of being truly flexible.

We were going through the material for our workshop and we suddenly decided to start again! Yes, you heard us correctly! Although we had a perfectly good day planned for everyone, that had taken us hours (more like days) to devise…it just wasn’t thrilling us anymore!

We believe that if you’re going to do something, you should do it properly. There’s no point in doing something if your heart’s not in it! And quite frankly when we looked at the material that we had planned, as great as it was…we weren’t jumping for joy. There was just something about it that wasn’t thrilling us.

SO…we’ve changed our first free workshop!

Now, we could have thought “Well there’s not long to go now and we’ve worked hard on this one, why don’t we just stick to it?” But in our hearts and in our minds there is always a great learning from any situation.

We now have an AMAZING free workshop that our hearts are in 100% ! We are so excited. We’d very much like to invite you to our first FREE workshop ‘Heart & Mind’ April 10th in Piccadilly Circus.

Details about out FREE WORKSHOP Heart & Mind, can be found at

We’re also on MeetUp and Facebook.

So, you are cordially invited to experience and gain some amazing tools and techniques (for free!) And we’d also like to invite you to be flexible…even it’s a bit scary! If we hadn’t have thrown caution to the wind and started from scratch, we wouldn’t have devised an amazing free day for you. And sure, Heartbreak City was planned to be a great day…But Heart and Mind is going to be absolutely fantastic! Life is too short to settle for the ‘safe’ option! So get flexible and get yourselves down to our workshop April 10th! We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

Lots of Love

Fran and Jasmine

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Our dear friend, trainer and mentor often quotes a famous sailor called Pete Goss. And the quote goes like this…

“Life hangs on a very thin thread. The cancer of time is complacency. If you’re going to do something, do it now because tomorrow is too late.” - Pete Goss

Wow! How many things do we constantly put off? A lot, right? And what are the reasons? Not enough time, not enough money, not enough patience, not enough of anything…

Excuses! Excuses!

Have you ever looked over the year just past and thought “Wow, I actually got quite a lot done…imagine how much more I could have done if I’d really put my mind to it!”

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our excuses…we forget what’s real. We almost forget what it is we were supposed to be doing in the first place! Or more importantly what we WANT to be doing!

So what is an excuse anyway?

verb |ikˈskyoōz| [ trans. ]
1 attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify : he did nothing to hide or excuse Jacob's cruelty.

To lessen the blame? Why would we need to lessen the blame? To opt out of taking responsibility? That doesn’t sound like someone who’s in control of their life! That sounds more like the role of a victim.

Are you a victim to your excuses?

When you think about the things that you put off: what excuses come up for you? Why don’t you shock yourself right now and write down all the excuses you can possibly think of. Go on, jot them down. How many do you have?

Once you’ve completed your list, now write down the REAL reason why you put it off. The ‘adult taking responsibility for their actions’ reason. Maybe it’s just a case of you not making time for it yet. Not that there ISN’T enough time, just that you haven’t MADE the time or made it a priority yet? Maybe you were scared or failure? Or scared of success? Or maybe you just couldn’t be bothered? Whatever your reason is, it’s valid as long as it’s the truth.

Now install an action that you need to take in order to get that job done. And maybe a new positive belief that you need to do that job. Maybe it’s a belief about yourself and your capabilities? Or about what other people might think? Whatever it is, make it a positive encouraging belief that will help you move forward.

Excuses can hold you back from living the life of your dreams. Excuses can be your crutch, never allowing you to achieve your true desires. Excuses aren’t real reasons for not doing the things you want or are supposed to be doing.

If you’re going to do something, do it now…because tomorrow is too late.

How many of us have said things like “ Well when I get my promotion, I’ll be happy.” Or “Well when I get into shape I’ll feel more confident.” Or “When I get some spare time, I’ll get that job done.”

What is it that you are waiting for in order to get that thing done? And is that, (if you’re really honest with yourself) just an excuse to put it off?

If a Doctor told you that you only had 6 months to live…what would you do differently to what you’re doing now? How would you change your lifestyle to make your last 6 months the best 6 months of your life?

Maybe it wouldn’t be drastically different from now? Maybe just a few tweaks here and there? Maybe it would be COMPLETELY different? Take a moment to work out what is important to you. What is it that you want your life to stand for and represent? What are the things you’d like to achieve? The places you’d like to see? The type of people you’d like to spend your time with? The most important thing that you want to get out of your precious time, here on earth.

Life hangs on a very thin thread…

So what is it that you are waiting for? What excuses are you hiding behind?

Because Tomorrow…it’s too late…

Wishing you all the best in removing the things that hold you back.

Lots of Love

Fran and Jasmine xx

Monday, 1 March 2010

Take a 'soul' holiday

I'm 29 years old and I've taken many holidays in my lifetime...when I was growing up they consisted of running around endlessly, swimming, staying up later than usual and drinking loads of fizzy drinks! In my teens they consisted of more running around endlessly (this time after boys), staying up later then usual and drinking loads of fizzy drinks...In my early twenties they followed much the same routine, only this time the fizzy drinks were replaced with alcohol and most of my days were spent sleeping off the night before! The most recent of holidays have technically not been holiday's at all as I was always exhausted after returning from each one! It makes you wonder what the point of taking time out from a tiring job is if you only return just as tired, sometimes even more so! So, up until now I'm going to call all of those times "having fun" rather than "having a holiday".

Over the past 3 weeks I discovered the true meaning of taking a holiday, and the spiritual benefits of it! On the 5th February, accompanied by my husband Warren, we flew back to my roots - South Africa. I spent 25 years of my life here and I've been back for a holiday once already, so I wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary..catching up with old friends, visiting the in-laws and eating a lot was pretty much the itinerary for the trip and even though we did all these things, what also happened was a rejuvenation of my soul! I can only explain it as pure bliss! An inner peace that so many people spend hours meditating to experience...

The ocean has always captivated me and being near it really makes me feel whole. I never grew up near the ocean, I grew up inland and only visited the ocean on holidays, so this attraction I have towards it is slightly unexplained, maybe something for me to explore further? We spent 7 days of our trip here and as February is out of season, instead of the crowd of holiday makers and screaming kids, we were met with quiet empty beaches and glorious bird filled mornings! The sound of nature is enough to send anyone into a trance-like state!

One of Warren's favourite places is the "Kruger Park" - a place I would highly recommend to anyone visiting South Africa. We call it a game farm, here in Europe it's called a 'safari' but whatever name you give it, basically it's a piece of untouched earth where wild animals are free to roam and respected by humans! (in my opinion this is how it should be throughout the entire world). We were very lucky to see the big 5 (lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo for those who are unfamiliar). The best part was seeing how many of these amazing animals had gorgeous, healthy babies! There was a stillness created around these amazing animals that can only be explained as majestical. These creatures thats sole purpose is to live the life they were designed to live on this earth. No destruction, no materialism, no competition to be the best, just pure living. It was an amazing experience and one I will hold with me for years to come. What could we all learn from these creatures? I guess my answer would be to find ways to live a life that is free from destruction and to have more respect for 'the order of things' the universe and nature, because we're all living on this earth together!

My advice to you is when you plan your next holiday, don't plan to go out and get drunk every night, don't go somewhere noisy where you won't have time with your thoughts, but go somewhere special, somewhere that has meaning and spend it with someone you love...It does wonders for the soul!


International Women's day

International what? We hear some of you ask! It’s quite amazing how something of such magnitude can pass us by at certain points in our lives. Yes, there is one whole day, a celebrated and recognised day for Women. Did you know this? Hats off to you of you did! We’re embarrassed to say that we were not aware of this! Not in the way that we should have known anyway. We’re sure all over the world, there are various days to celebrate most things…but we were not aware of the actual date, or that anyone actually celebrated the day that is International Woman’s Day March 8th…every year!

What’s even more astonishing is when you think of all of the things in the world that might be true and real and wonderful…that pass you by just because you aren’t aware of them! Think of all of the opportunities that you might have missed just by not knowing they were there…

No, really…just take a moment to think about how your life could be different, better even if you had taken that opportunity that you thought you couldn’t see, but in fact, it was right there all long! You could be working in your dream job…or maybe not working at all? The world could continue to be your oyster, if you were only aware of it being that in the first place.

So! As wonderful an event as International Woman’s Day is and we’d encourage you to do something fun and significant for it. We further encourage you to make EVERY DAY ‘Woman’s Day’. Now don’t get too excited just yet! By this, we don’t just mean, ‘indulging’ yourself everyday by slobing out in front of the telly! We mean by making everyday an amazing discovery of what’s really out there. All of the amazing opportunities that may have passed you by in the past (that you’re not even aware of) invite them into your daily routines. Open your eyes and see the potential all around you, so that every day, is YOUR DAY!

As women, we tend to be guilty of taking too much on. Carrying excess baggage. Over analising everything! Just stop for a moment and ask yourself ‘What am I gaining from this?’ So often, we rush around with the weight of the world on our shoulders and we don’t even stop to ask ourselves why or for what purpose? And it’s when we get into these routines that bring us stress and worry, that we are blind to all of the fantastic opportunities that are staring us in the face!

So, we’d like to invite you to use a mantra, a thought, a question, a statement (if you will) that helps us on a daily basis.

“If it doesn’t give you peace…let it go.”

Repeat this to yourself. Get used to saying it. Really understand how wonderfully poignant and healing this statement is. How many things do you have in your life, that don’t give you peace? And for what purpose do you hang onto them?

If it doesn’t give you peace…just let it go. The changes we have made by adopting this thought have been truly remarkable and we encourage you to embrace it in the same way.

International Woman’s Day. March 8th.
Get on Google and see what events have been organised in your area…or better still, organise your own special event! And remember, every day can be your day, it just depends on how you want to see it.

Lots of Love

Fran and Jasmine xx

The importance of taking time out

I’m writing to you on my lonesome…I hope my lonely blog finds you all well. For the last three weeks I have been manning the desks by myself (cue big pantomime Aaaaaahhhhh) My wonderful partner Jasmine has been sunning herself back in her home land of South Africa while I was left behind to bask in the glorious weather we’ve been having here in London! I have served my time well, while I do hope Jasmine was having the time of her life and getting an even tan! Jealous? Me? Never… ;)

I realise now, rather ironically, how important it is to take time out. Jasmine has touched down in London and tomorrow, after she has unpacked and gotten over the shock of drop in temperature…we will be a team again (and boy has she got a lot of work to catch up on!) I am very happy to have my partner back. A fact I assume would be slightly more exciting if I wasn’t in bed feeling awful with a horrible throat infection! Yes, it seems that I have worked myself so hard my body had to take a drastic action to get me to stop and relax.

I’m not complaining. I mean, as fun as the constant coughing, struggling to breathe, red raw throat, mild insomnia and general exploding of my head has been for me…I just wish my body had given me a few Amber signs to slow me down before the throat infection. Although, now that I come to mention it, I had been feeling a bit run down, very tired, dark circles, pale skin, breakouts and in general quite irritable. In fact, I’ve been glued to my laptop and barely seen the light (or rain) of day since Jasmine went away! And I’m questioning how I didn’t realise this would happen!?!

It seems to me, amazing what we put ourselves through sometimes. I mean, I feel like I need a three week holiday now…and the only break I have in my schedule are Tea and Toilet breaks! It’s easy to think of ourselves as indestructible and to just power on even though we feel tired, stressed out and run down. But the truth of the matter is that we probably need to take some time out! And we probably need to do it much more then we currently do!

Do you reward yourself enough? For all the hard work you do! I know I don’t. But I know that after being practically bed ridden all weekend, I certainly am going to start! And I’m going to start listening to my body more. There’s a reason why we feel tired, or look pale, or get spots! It’s not just Mother Nature’s cruel way of having a laugh at our expense. It’s our unconscious looking after us. It’s telling us to take some time out, have a break, relax…treat yourself for god’s sake…you deserve it!

So I urge you to take a moment and think about whether you take enough time out for yourself to recharge your batteries? Do you treat yourself enough? And if not, it’s time to get into a relationship with yourself…and start looking after the love of your life…YOU! Now, we’re not all lucky enough to go swanning off to South Africa for three weeks (ahem!) but why don’t you start by running yourself a wonderful bath, light some candles, lay back and relax. of wine? You get the picture.

And while I take a bit of my own advice…I’d like to let everyone know how happy I am to have my partner back! Don’t ever leave me again Jasmine…Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

Lots of Love

Fran (and a very tanned Jasmine) xx

Wow! What a Gem!

Hello! We hope this blog finds you well. We are very excited to give you a sneaky peak at our Workshop Venue…feast your eyes on this beauty!

Located in the heart of London we have full access to this beautiful environment, accompanied by a delicious buffet lunch and refreshments throughout the day (for members only). If so much attention has been paid to the venue, could you imagine how much attention has been paid into the content and all the wonderful learning you’re going to gain from each workshop?

Not a member yet?
Never fear, you can experience a taster of our workshops at
‘Heartbreak City’ The Identity Project’s FREE WORKSHOP. Yes, you heard us right…it’s free!

For more details please visit:

Lots of Love

Fran and Jasmine xx

World Peace Day, let's make a difference!

The trouble with working with someone you like and get on very well with, is that you can often go off track in ‘staff meetings’…but of course, the beauty of going off track, as any skier will tell you, is…the best snow is often off piste!
We’re incredibly excited about our most recent off piste idea and hope you will be too. The Identity Project is organsing an event for WORLD PEACE DAY 21st September.

Inspired by the wonderful man that is Jeremey Gilley, founder of ‘Peace One Day’. The Identity Project is hosting an event to make our contribution to World Peace Day.

And here’s the REALLY fun part…our event activity is currently undecided…So post your ideas below and we’ll pick our favourite!
Please include your name, age and location so we can credit your idea when we choose!

Our event will be free to all guests with donations welcome…all proceeds made will go to Peace One Day.

Introduction to Peace One Day
WOW…gets us everytime!

Well! While you’re dusting your thinking caps off…our event idea is:
SILENT DISCO…thoughts?

Lots of Love
Fran and Jasmine xx

Free Workshop in London!! Get involved!

Heartbreak City - FREE WORKSHOP

Because we’re so nice…we hold a workshop for free!

Are you struggling to heal your broken heart?
Do you wish you could wake up in the mornings without feeling teary eyed?
Do you find yourself wondering how you will manage without this person in your life anymore?
Is negative self-talk prolonging your healing?
Or, maybe you know someone who is suffering with heartbreak and you’d like to help them heal, whatever the reason, our Heartbreak City workshops offer insight to help heal.

This workshop offers you tips and advice to implement everyday, moving you closer to a happy heart and the strength and motivation to move forward. It also offers a platform for you to meet us, find out more about the work we do and the memberships we offer. And although it is a completely free day, this workshop also offers an emailed guide with tools and techniques to take home, plus refreshments throughout the day! Not only that, all this is wrapped up in a gorgeous bow that is our venue – Jewel.

This workshop is very dear to our hearts and once you’ve attended, you’ll know why. Heartbreak can be very debilitating and sometimes those who suffer find it incredibly difficult to move forward. It’s often hard because you feel as though you’re the only one going through the pain and one of the great things about this workshop is that you’ll meet other women who are all going through the same pain, so not only is this a workshop, it’s a support group as well!

Our PROMISE to you is that you will get through it and we’re here to give you a kick start in coming out the other side!

Details for our FREE workshop and how to book your place can be found on

Lots of Love

Fran and Jasmine xx

What is 'The Identity Project'?

The Identity Project is a membership based organisation designed to help women of all ages from all walks of life. We produce confidence building and self-development based workshops to aid, inspire and nurture women through the challenges and insecurities that so many women face on a daily basis.

The Identity Project was founded in January 2010 by Fran Fowler and Jasmine Cross. Two women whose lives have dramatically changed by using methods of self-development. Astounded by the positive changes they had made, Fran and Jasmine decided that they wanted to help other women in same way. For more information about The Identity Project please visit