Monday, 1 March 2010

Free Workshop in London!! Get involved!

Heartbreak City - FREE WORKSHOP

Because we’re so nice…we hold a workshop for free!

Are you struggling to heal your broken heart?
Do you wish you could wake up in the mornings without feeling teary eyed?
Do you find yourself wondering how you will manage without this person in your life anymore?
Is negative self-talk prolonging your healing?
Or, maybe you know someone who is suffering with heartbreak and you’d like to help them heal, whatever the reason, our Heartbreak City workshops offer insight to help heal.

This workshop offers you tips and advice to implement everyday, moving you closer to a happy heart and the strength and motivation to move forward. It also offers a platform for you to meet us, find out more about the work we do and the memberships we offer. And although it is a completely free day, this workshop also offers an emailed guide with tools and techniques to take home, plus refreshments throughout the day! Not only that, all this is wrapped up in a gorgeous bow that is our venue – Jewel.

This workshop is very dear to our hearts and once you’ve attended, you’ll know why. Heartbreak can be very debilitating and sometimes those who suffer find it incredibly difficult to move forward. It’s often hard because you feel as though you’re the only one going through the pain and one of the great things about this workshop is that you’ll meet other women who are all going through the same pain, so not only is this a workshop, it’s a support group as well!

Our PROMISE to you is that you will get through it and we’re here to give you a kick start in coming out the other side!

Details for our FREE workshop and how to book your place can be found on

Lots of Love

Fran and Jasmine xx

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